Date Auction

Well, It's time for another social event! We will be having a Date Auction this friday evening at 4pm in the meeting hall. All those willing to be auctioned off please, comment here so I can get you on the list. Once the auction is over the dates will begin that night 8pm. The person who won you is responsible for taking you out whether it be to dinner, the pub, a nice walk in the park, whatever. All expenses will be paid for. with the exception of the bids you make of course.

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Hello Students!
This is Professor Tsukishiro here, The very first Worlds Religions class will take place outside in the courtyard late afternoon on Wednesday. Just bring yourselves and a open mind with you to this class.

Yukito Tsukishiro

Computer Programming

For anyone interested in taking in Computer Programming Classes, meet in the Tech Building, on Wednesdays at 2pm. Classes are an hour and don't be late.

All you'll need is a notebook, pen/pencil. Classes will start out with the basics of the computer before moving on to the actual coding process.

If anyone is interested in taking this class please let me know.
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Sprit Affairs with Professor Tao Ren

Ni Hao, everyone!

My name is Master Tao Ren, and I will be teaching a class here called Sprit Affairs. I feel that it is important for people to know how to deal with the supernatural.

If you are interested in taking my class, let me know. However, for mine and your sake, if you are impatient, have a weak stomach, faint easliy, or are just plain easliy frightened that you do not take my class. We would be dealing with a lot of things that some of you may or may not have familiarity with dealing with, things that aren't exactly easy, both for the mind and body.

Also, I will only have this class during the first period of the morning, just because it might be better to do some of the things we would do if everyone had just woken up and had a good breakfast.
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Home is where the Heart is....

Why Hello there, little Kitties and Doggies!
This is Big Kitty here a.K.a Fai D. Flowright,
your Home Economics teacher, Just letting you know that class starts this Friday afternoon!

Xandy-Chan! I will be needing you to model for me when the next couple of days!



Alright, the first gym class will be in the gym on wednesday at 12pm. Please be there on time, people being late is a big pet peeve of mine. anyone taking the class, comment here.
Cute things

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Please meet on Tuesday morning just after sun-up at the Park. Wear something comfortable that you won't mind getting dirty or moving around in.

If you have any friends who might be interested, but haven't registered, they can come too, just let me know.

Professors are welcome as well.


Oh boy. and so my career as a prof begins. -_- Not quite sure what to think about this.

Okay, So My photography class will be taking place on friday at 3pm. No need to bring anything just yet. Maybe a notebook and pen, but that's about all. So I guess this is where I ask you to comment and let me know who's taking my class. :-p

So...... Comment and let me know who's taking my class. Lol.