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Thankfully one of our professors have decided to return to us. So there is two classes that will be added to the class list. Dream Interpretation (DREM) and Sex Ed. (SEXE). The Sex Ed class will be mandatory. So your are expected to add it to your list of chosen courses and show up to the class.

List of campus jobs

I have compiled a list of jobs around campus. This will help you know who the staffs members are.

(Students feel free to apply for a job that's available to make some spending money.)

Grounds Keeper: available
School doctor: available
School nurse: available
Janitor: available
Handyman/women: available

I have a hunch...

I have a feeling this is going to be really fun.

Well, hello fellow residents of the University. My name is Cliff Fittir, and I'm here to see if I can get some good negotiating skills into your little heads. I'll be teaching both Politics and Debate, and expect to have a good turnout! Those of you who don't join one or the other of my classes, you'll probably get a lesson in the hallways and find yourselves in one anyway.

Looking at the dorm listings, I see someone I know. You know who you are. It'll be nice to see your skinny little ass, especially as my STUDENT.
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Costume Party

I'd like everyone to know that the costume party will be held this friday at 8pm in the gym. You can buy a costume in the bookstore or make one yourself. I'm sure Fai wouldn't have a problem helping you make one if you need it.
I look forward to seeing all of you there.

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Okay, so..... Just letting everybody know that my first class will take place on tuesday at 3pm. I apologize for canceling before, but ummmm..... I got preoccupied. BUT! This time I WILL be there!!!!


Attention all Ashita University students,

Beginning April 9, 2007 the Physics department will begin to accept your enrollment into all level courses. If you plan on taking Astronomy 101 this is you final opportunity to sign up for this class, as I will be teaching. It is a four credit hour class and requires that you take a lab and lecture both Mondays and Wednesdays. You will spend three hours with me each day. Come prepared with your Astronomy lecture book and lab book, and I hope to see you there.

Walter O’Brien
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